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Jesus Said Love

Donating 50% of our profits to change lives. When buying office supplies, buy on purpose.

Jesus Said Love

Jesus Said Love

Jesus Said Love shares the revolutionary love of Christ with women in the commercial slave industry to awaken hope and empower change. We accomplish this through a three-part method: Go. Love. Connect. We GO into strip clubs, LOVE dancers where they are, and CONNECT them to community and spiritual resources.


Waco, TX

Location(s) Where We Work

Waco, TX
Killeen, TX
Bryan/College Station, TX
San Antonio, TX
Dallas, TX


In 2003, Brett and Emily Mills led worship at a conference focused on ministry to slave workers. Overwhelmed by stories from former exotic entertainers, Emily became burdened for the marginalized in Waco: those whom the church was not reaching because of ignorance or negligence. Upon their return home, emails were sent, vision was cast, and in two weeks, the first Easter outreach was launched. Jesus-loving women, armed with gift bags ventured into two Waco strip clubs. It was a success! Each club manager offered open-door invitations for them to return anytime! For three years, the women went to clubs bi-annually: Christmas and Easter. In 2006, we saw the glaring need for structure and the decision was made to bring this “new” ministry under the Mills’ already established worship ministry: Bartimaeus Ministries. The name JESUS SAID LOVE was adopted for this specific program.

We have structured our ministry around a simple three-part method: Go. Love. Connect. We GO into strip clubs, LOVE dancers where they are, and CONNECT them to helpful resources. We partner with local institutions, universities, nonprofits, recovery homes, and churches to provide a network of holistic care for the women we serve. Within the JSL model, we have watched women’s lives and their children’s lives improve. Our goal is empowerment, not enablement. Many have walked through abortion or had children removed from custody. Some are homeless, some stay in hotels, few own a home. Many are hungry and face poor nutrition.

What began as a bi-annual outreach in Waco has now grown into a full time ministry of monthly club outreaches, social work assistance, education, awareness, medical, educational, child care and nutritional advocacy in Waco, Dallas, Bryan/College Station, San Antonio, and Killeen.

Our Partnership with Buy On Purpose

We are passionate about using creativity and innovation to fight injustice. We’re thrilled to partner with Buy On Purpose in their unique approach to awakening hope and empowering change.

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