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Ordinary Dollars Doing Extraordinary Work

We excel in the day-to-day business of office supplies so that you can help society's most vulnerable.

Our Vision

Donate millions of dollars to our non-profit partners by becoming one of the largest independent retailers in the U.S.

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Our Mission

Advance God’s kingdom by donating 50% of corporate profits to change lives while providing world class service to our customers.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3

In 1996 I went to East Asia on my very first mission trip. While there, I played a short pick-up basketball game with a student from the local university. He slid all over the court in a pair of old dress shoes while I played in Air Jordon athletic shoes. Later, when I asked why he wore dress shoes to play basketball, he quietly replied that those dress shoes were the only pair of shoes he owned.

That one brief encounter transformed my world!

God continued to use mission trips to chisel away at my own desires and slowly but surely, replaced them with His desire to become a servant, giver of wealth, and lover of the least of these. I returned from another life-changing mission trip, and I found myself lying in bed, unable to sleep. When I did sleep, I would dream of the number 50 in neon lights. Then I began to wake up whenever the number 50 appeared.

It became clear after prayer and consultation with mentors, pastors, and friends that God was calling me to start a company that would donate 50 percent of its profits to change lives. One day, my father came to my office with a check for $50,000 to help start Buy on Purpose. My parents supported this mission, and gave up their own dream of having their only son taking over their company.

Since 2004, Buy on Purpose has supported nonprofit organizations in the Houston area. We are so grateful to run a company, not just for profit, but to see lives changed.

Your purchases and support help us continue to fulfill God’s call, to be a company that is giving to transform lives. You make a difference, and we deeply thank you for partnering with us.

Forever Grateful,

Simon Lee

Founder & President