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Your Purchase Has A Purpose

Your Purchase Has A Purpose



Testimony: ER Nurse Helps Sex Trafficking Survivor Late at night, Sam got a call from a nurse who recognized a woman in her care showed all the signs of being trafficked. Because the nurse took a van tour, and because of what she learned, she recognized the young lady was actually being trafficked. She intercepted the patient and helped keep her away from her pimp until the call to the rescue hotline was made. The woman was able to make it safely to a shelter to begin her care. We told the nurse thank you for making the difficult call and helping this woman by recognizing the red flags. She said, ‘'It’s all because of Elijah Rising the van tours and the training you all provide.”

About Van Tours:

Elijah Rising’s mandate in Houston includes driving the reality of modern-day slavery into the consciousness of our society. One way we accomplish this is by offering free Van Tours of high-probability trafficking areas in our city. These two-hour-long tours are a rolling Human Trafficking 101 class with visuals. The evil of sex trafficking is allowed to flourish in the darkness. By shining the bright light of awareness, we not only expose this darkness but compel the informed to respond.